Data Logging

Datalogging Water Characteristics

Dataloggers are one way that experts can capture data from a given watershed. Dataloggers depend on a variety of sensors, which acquire data for a variety of factors, such as depth, temperature, flow rate, oxygen levels, turbidity, pH, and more. Here are some examples of sensors that may be used to determine the health of an aquatic ecosystem:

Wisconsin Plankton Net:
Wisconsin Plankton Net

A Wisconsin plankton net is a 30" long net with a 5" diameter mouth used for collecting biological samples of plankton. It collects samples vertically for analysis.

Composite Water Sampler:
Composite Water Sampler
A water sampler can take anywhere between 25 and 600ml of water, storing in inside of an internal jug. It also has a backwash system to clear the system of debris between automatic samples.

Secchi DiskSecchi Disk

Ideal for turbidity (water clarity), taking the average mean of two samples.

Van Dorn Sampling Bottle
Van Dorn Sampling Bottles

A Van Dorn sampling bottle can test for temperature, chemical composition, biological presence (phytoplankton) and trace metal contamination.



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